Dusk in Spring


Dusk in Spring
By: Shara Carter

The cold, beautiful, majesty of winter has gone.
The beauty of spring crawls out from hiding.
Once unfolded, she displays her glory.

On this night,
I stand alone.
My spirit has longed for a message such as this.
A simple, faint whisper, He breathes,
“I’m Here….
THIS is for you.”

The sun and moon hang in the balance between day and night.
The sun, vying for his last breath of day, allows
The moon’s stretching beams to
push back his rays.

I see them.
I stop.
I fix my gaze forward to see
the vast green landscape surrounding me
and His gift.

Seeming Fallen Stars are beating a sparkling, silent, song
above the verdure.
Hovering in the humid, warm, air
They dance and sprinkle
irregular beats of penlights
into the dusk.

Multitudes at a time.
Various heights and depths.
I mark this moment,
thank God for his message,
and slowly walk into the dance,
becoming a part of the song,
moving through them as they play.
I thank Him for
His gift,
the beauty of dusk in spring.

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